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Our story began when a boy met a girl in a flower shop. Perhaps it was fate, or maybe it was the flowers, but one thing was for sure - the boy fell in love at first sight. The book of love wrote itself from that point on. The boy had dreams of traveling, so he took the girl's hand and together they walked through the grandeur of New York City, the hustle-and-bustle of Singapore and the majesty of Japan. He never let go. Ultimately, the couple returned to Taiwan. The boy's dream of traveling had been fulfilled, and all that was left for him to do was make the girl's dream come true. She wanted to open her own flower shop, so the two could recapture and live in the magic that had brought them together. It started in a flower shop and a flower shop will remain forever. 

Rence Fleur: "Rence," it's the nickname of the boy in the story. "Fleur" is derived from the French word for "Flower". Rence Fleur - the eventual name of the flower shop the couple would open - was a gift the boy wanted to give to the girl while they were walking through Paris' Luxembourg Gardens. The gardens were filled with beautiful flowers. The air was crisp and refreshing, and the couple held on fast to each other. The two wished they could stay in that moment forever. Time-stopping memories are at the heart of Rence Fleur's mission. Our boxes of preserved flowers are meant to evoke memories, as deeply cherished as the main couple in our story.